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We've got some great software that you can try out FREE.  These title are specifically designed to help you CASH IN on the Internet.

The Web Promotion Spider will submit your web site address to over 1,000 search engines, free ad sites, media sites, link sites, and more! By listing your site in hundreds of search engines you can almost guarantee an immediate increase in traffic to your site. Plus, you can use the Spider software over and over again, for as many different sites as you want! You could even start your own web site "submission" service!! Visit the Web Promotion Spider site now and download your free software.

Trying to track how your site ranks in all the search engines? It's time consuming and laborious, isn't it? You don't have to do it by hand anymore. Just let WebPosition do it for you. Plug in your web site address, the search term you want to check, and WebPosition does all the work for you, checking the search engines, then compiling a report detailing the results of your site's ranking in the top 10 search engines. You'll know almost instantly if your site is ranked well. Plus, with the bonus book that comes with the program, you'll learn how to optimize your pages to "launch" them to the top of the search engine heap. Download the WebPosition trial software today!

Want to send personalized email to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people? If you have a customer email list that you want to connect with, here's the tool to do it. WorldMerge lets you create "mail-merge" emails, just like you would do in your word processor. The email can then be personalized to include things like the recipient's name, address, favorite color, etc. Personalized email gets a lot more attention and people tend to buy more when they get your "personal" approach. Get your free copy of WorldMerge today!

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