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Consider this: When you read a story in the newspaper, you tend to believe it. When you see an advertisement for a product right next to that newspaper article, you tend to ignore it or not believe the ad, right? Of course! People believe stories in the media.

So how do you get this FREE publicity? How do you get your "believable story" in the media? I've put together several resources to help you get started.

The ultimate course on publicity will immerse you in publicity success. You'll learn from a master marketer who proved his techniques in the real world, starting with his amazing publicity campaign to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. Read his story and read about his amazing publicity course that will help you get publicity quickly and easily.

Next, be sure to check out Internet News Bureau's full array of publicity services if you don't have time or the inclination to do it yourself. They can write your press release, then distribute them to a broad or a targeted list of journalists. If you're in a hurry to publicize your web site or business, visit Internet News Bureau today!

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Publicity can skyrocket your sales and success if you just put it to work for you. All the major companies use publicity, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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