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My system has been used by people around the country. People just like you. Don't take my word for it that this system works. Read the testimonials of my students. Here are a few comments about my system:

"Several years ago at a marketing seminar, I discovered 'the guru of free publicity', Paul Hartunian. Paul didn't just talk about being a publicity expert - he proved it. He had with him hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles that had been written about him. He showed us video clips of him on national television shows.

I immediately invested in Paul's course and began duplicating his techniques within days.

Paul's secrets have created more than $60,300 of free publicity for me!"

Terry Hunefeld, President, REMG


"Paul Hartunian has been on Donahue, Regis, Jenny Jones, all the major talk shows, CNN, thousands of radio stations, written up in Forbes and USA Today, sold everything from 'romance' to the Brooklyn Bridge with free advertising, and can do more with a one-page, dirt-cheap faxed press release than anybody on the planet.

If you want to make yourself, your product or your business famous, in your town or worldwide, Paul's the guy who can tell you how to make it happen - fast!"

Dan Kennedy - Marketing genius


"Paul - Here are a few of the successes I've had using your system: KLBJ radio, Austin,Texas - 15 minutes turned into 50 minutes. I picked up 157 appointments, closed 22 out of 23 last week - my biggest week in my 2 year history. Over $13,000 in fees generated in one week!!! I'd take that in a month!

Front page - full featured article in West Austin News. Inside cover - 1/2 page featured article in Upscale Austin magazine.

2 more radio shows, 1 TV show and 2 more newspaper 'features' to go!

Paul, it only gets better doing what you say to do. Thanks!"

Mike Coy, President, CA$H For College


"I was featured in the Arcadia (CA) Weekly. They used my press release and bio as a starter. I'll be doing bi-weekly articles on medical insurance, estate planning and life insurance. Thanks, you've done it again!"

Erit McTernan, President, Employer Benefits Marketing, Inc.


"I did an interview on a major radio station here in Chicagoland. We taped the show and it aired on a Sunday morning at 7 AM. Not a great time slot. The next day, Monday, I was on the phone all day talking to people who heard the show. At last count I had over 86 people call me!!! New prospects to talk to!!! No postcards to send, no cost for stamps, and no labor to pay. My kind of system!! Paul Hartunian's press release methods gets me the leads!"

Rey Cruz, CFP


"Paul, I wanted to let you know about our great success in using your publicity system. We only faxed to our local media...and here are the results: We faxed 34 press releases and have booked two radio interviews (with top radio stations) and the biggest TV station in our market! This is our first attempt and we are pretty excited about the results.

We want to thank you for sharing this valuable information with us...we are convinced that not only does your system work, but that we couldn't have afforded to pay for all the publicity that we are getting."

Bill Duffy, CFA, Ltd.


"$70,000 worth of sales in less than 5 months with ZERO advertising costs...I will never do it another way... Thank you, thank you, thank you for the guidance and information you have provided me. What you have written in the course WORKS!!!"

Phil Maynard, President, Mountain Meadow Enterprises, Inc.


"Wow -- Thank you so much for your outstanding Publicity System!"

Noah St. John, Hadley, MA


"I just had to write you a brief note to thank you and tell anybody who doesn't believe that your course on getting FREE PUBLICITY is worth the investment is just plain wrong!

I wrote two press releases and faxed one of them to three magazines... I faxed them on Wednesday.

I had my first one hour telephone interview on Thursday morning! Unbelievable...l knew your stuff was going to work. I now know it's true...

Again, thanks a lot. I know my businesses will all be more successful with ZERO marketing cost because of what you've taught me."

Jeff Paul, President PPS


"Enclosed is my first press release for my chimney business. I sent only one. I sent it to our major paper, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. I got interviewed and the article will appear in a week. What can I say? Your stuff works!!!"

Livtar Khalsa, Roswell, GA


"Rarely am I at a loss for words, however it is difficult to describe the impact publicity has had on my business and also my personal life. Taking your advice and implementing what you have taught me was the missing ingredient in my wealth building strategy...

This publicity is amazing! I sent out a set of 60-80 faxes 10 days ago. I have already done two interviews. One at a 100,000 watt station and one at a 30,000 watt station. I have interviews booked for another three stations in the 100,000 watt range...

Thanks again for the great course. If a person follows your instructions, they are guaranteed to have as much fortune and fame as they deserve!"

David Favor, Austin, TX


"I wrote a press release, just the way you described, and faxed it to several of the numbers on the list. WITHIN THE HOUR I had a response from Sally Jessy Raphael's show. ..

I received a call from the Phil Donahue Show the next day as well...

I am really a believer now."

Amy Tuter, MD, Sharon, MA


"Just a quick note to keep you updated on the continued success I'm having with your course:

My Valentine's Day...release got more press than anything I've done so far. I did almost 75 radio interviews (including WGN in the midwest - a MONSTER station).

I was written up in the following papers: NY Post (headline of Cindy Adams column), LA Daily News, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Kansas City Star, Reno-Gazette-Journal (which gave me the ENTIRE column -- UNBELIEVABLE response from all over Nevada), Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times, The Des Moines Register, Connecticut Post, The Charlotte Observer, etc.

Plus - 5 TV stations at least which showed my product and flashed my toll-free telephone number on the screen.


Jay Kamhi, President, Platypus Marketing


"For years I've watched enviously as my competitors have gotten super press coverage for their businesses while my company got very little. I waded through piles of books on PR and never passed up an article on the subject, but little of the advice made much sense and none of it worked.

Paul, Your material is a whole different story!

Just one of the many ideas you shared helped me to create a simple lead generation system that nets me between $2,500 and $3,500 per month like clockwork and I've barely got going with it...

When I think of the misguided companies that spend thousands of dollars on "professional" PR advice, I have to laugh. They can get 100 times more value from your program for what amounts to pocket change."

Ken McCarthy, President of E-Media


"When it comes to getting free publicity, there's no one better at it than Paul Hartunian. "

Bob Serling, World renowned marketer


"I just got your home study course yesterday. I've barely listened to the first two tapes and already have gotten results from your materials."

Don Enck, Tempe, AZ


"Anyone can become an authority on something and become a celebrity. Paul has the complete program to succeed."

Linnea Russell, Peshastin, WA


"I rank Paul Hartunian the best."

Jim DiGiacomo, Carlisle, MA


"I have a talk show and it is really annoying when people want to be interviewed but have no regard for me or my listeners. Paul tells people the straight truth about what we want. Great Stuff!!!"

Stephanie Davis, Carlsbad, CA


"Great material! This guy can overcome all of the objections and fears of a first time interview. His attitude is infectious!"

Steve Frew, Rockford, IL


"Paul Hartunian's use of publicity press releases is an intriguing way of marketing either oneself or one's product that anyone can use. Paul shows us that we all have a special, interesting something about us."

Virginia Healy, Cardiff by the Sea, CA


"Paul put new light on another avenue of the market. Paul's success and true love of his techniques did open a total Ah! Ha! for me. This was a bonus not expected at all..."

Laurie C. Bachowsky, Novato, CA


"Your presentation today on how to attract media attention filled in a couple of missing pieces for me. I've been attempting to get some media coverage for an upcoming CPA continuing education seminar that I'm doing.

During lunch I got on the phone and used a distinction I learned in your presentation to get an article placed in the State CPA Society Magazine. Also, you prevented me from making a big mistake by being on a major radio station talk program before I'm ready. Thank you."

Michael Thaxton, Las Vegas, NV


"Paul is a master at getting publicity. But, even more importantly, he teaches other people how they can do it, too."

Brad and Alan Antin, The Antin Marketing Letter


What product or service do you have that the media would be interested in?

I'd love to have you be the next success story. But you'll never know unless you try!

The media is very willing to make you as wealthy and as famous as you'd like. But you have to take the first step!

Order your copy of Millions of Dollars of Free Publicity today!

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