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Get Guaranteed Visitors


by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

What are you doing to get traffic to your website now? Posting in newsgroups? Using opt-in lists? Advertising on the sides of buses?

Or are you just sitting there, hoping that things will get better on their own, that traffic will magically appear?

Well, friend, pay very close attention to what's in this report. If you follow the directions you're about to read, you will get 

GUARANTEED TRAFFIC to your website now -- and profit from it once it's there!

I'm not talking about "maybe" traffic or "if" traffic or "hope" traffic.


In precisely the numbers you want.

A Little History Lesson

Advertising as we know it really started in the 18th century with the rise of newspapers. Publishers pretty quickly discovered that they could pay some or all of their salaries, printing and distribution expenses by allowing other people to buy paid ads. To the newspaper publishers it didn't matter a whole bunch whether those ads worked or not... what mattered was that people paid for them, thereby cutting publisher expenses and increasing publisher profits. It was very much "caveat emptor" for the ad buyer. Advertising, in short, was nothing more than calculated risk.

And so it remained until now.

Now, Worldprofit at has created the means for minimizing risk through GUARANTEED TRAFFIC, a development turning traditional advertising on its head. Now instead of wondering whether anyone will answer your ad, you know IN ADVANCE just how many people will come to your website. In other words, YOU'VE NOW GOT GUARANTEED TRAFFIC.

True, you don't know how many of them will ACT when they get to your website -- that's a function of several elements we'll be discussing below. BUT AT LEAST YOU KNOW THAT THEY'LL GET THERE, which is dramatically different from 99% of the people on the 'net now.

Now you can know that 1000, 2000, 5000 or more visitors will be coming in a given period of time. Then it's your job to do EVERYTHING you can to ensure that they take action once they arrive.


The Worldprofit Guaranteed Visitor Program is brilliant in its results-driven simplicity. Pay close attention.

First, Worldprofit has set up the Worldprofit Lotto program at (click on LOTTO). There are lots of prizes every week including one HUGE Grand Prize that makes playing very attractive. Worldprofit extensively promotes this Lotto site and Grand Prize thereby motivating large numbers of people to come, play and win.

When people get to the site to play they discover any number of Sponsors. Each of these Sponsors has posted a banner on their website with information about the Lotto and Prize. People need to click on this banner to win any of the prizes, including the huge weekly money prize.

Thus, when people come to the Worldprofit Lotto site they find one Sponsor after another. By clicking the Lotto banner on each Sponsor site they get one more chance to win the Grand Cash Prize. People can play each sponsor site each week -- AND IT'S ALL FREE!

Because the prize is large and because money is a universal human motivator, people flock to the Worldprofit Lotto site to play and win. As they do, they visit one Sponsor site after another, thereby delivering Guaranteed Visitors to the person owning the Sponsor site -- a person like you who wants Guaranteed Traffic.

Obviously the objective is to capture each visitor, so that you, the site owner, can follow up and follow up to bring the benefit of what you sell to the visitor's attention.

This means placing the Lotto banner at the very bottom of the page you've put it on, forcing visitors to review all your offerings as they also seek the Lotto banner.

Now say you've ordered 2000 Guaranteed Visitors.

In this case, Worldprofit GUARANTEES that 2000 people EXACTLY will click on your Lotto Sponsor link and visit your website. This number is not a guess, an estimate, or an approximation. It's a hard number. It's a GUARANTEE!

How long does it take? That depends on traffic velocity, but you can figure about 1000 people per week will visit your website.

Now consider your current situation. How much traffic do you get every day now? Do 80-120 people PER DAY, EVERY DAY visit your website? What does it cost you to get them there? What do you have to do?

When you become part of the Worldprofit Guaranteed Visitor Program, there's no more guesswork. When you say you want 4000 Guaranteed Visitors, 4000 Guaranteed Visitors is what you get -- at an incredibly low price, too!

Before we go on, take a minute to visit Click on LOTTO, then click on SPONSORS. Now click on a couple of the Sponsors to see where they put their Lotto banner. These people are getting visitors RIGHT NOW! And they'll continue to get visitors so long as they participate in the program. (They're emailed when 80% of their visitors have been used up and when 100% have been. They can either renew and get more Guaranteed Visitors or they can stop. It's their choice. Unsurprisingly, most renew. No wonder! Where else can you get Guaranteed Visitors so conveniently and at Worldprofit's low prices?)

Should You Be In The Guaranteed Visitor Program?

Okay, now you know Worldprofit can deliver a precise number of people to your website. But does this mean you should necessarily be in the Guaranteed Visitor program?

We are constantly asked who does best with guaranteed visitors. Sites with the best return on investment

a) have broad themes, like travel, health, money and investment, business to business, business opportunities, online affiliate programs, Internet-related subjects, software, computers and online development, etc.

b) offer real value

c) make motivating offers

d) are clearly designed

e) make every effort to capture prospect e-mail for continual follow-up.

Sites which are narrowly focused ("seeking dog owners in Watertown, Massachusetts") will not do as well. Sites which are cluttered, have no focus, and are difficult to read and navigate will also fail.

In short, you want a "client-centered" site with real, broad-based benefits.

Think for a minute about what you're selling. Is it of interest to large numbers of people? If so, the Guaranteed Visitor Program is for you, so long as you understand that merely depositing visitors to your website is not the end of the marketing road, but only the beginning.

The Importance Of Client-Centered Copy & Design

The Internet is a fabulous marketing tool because it can, properly used,
deliver a continuous flow of people to your website, people who can take action to purchase what you're selling. To make this process work, you have to solve the traffic problem (Guaranteed Visitors certainly do that)... AND you also have to solve the problem of creating and maintaining a client-centered website. In other words, delivering vast numbers of people to a poorly conceived, written and designed site will not solve your marketing problems and produce sales. Everything counts on the Internet and traffic, copy and design must ALL work together to produce the desired results. Here are some key points that'll enable you to maximize the return from your Guaranteed Visitors.

(Note: For more helpful information on how to use design to create a client-centered website, get a free subscription to "DesignProfit" Newsletter at

THINK Before You Write

Too many people are in way too big a hurry to throw something, anything on the 'net. They don't bother to THINK about what they want their site to do before they sit down to WRITE and DESIGN it. The most important part of creating a website is THINKING about it before you do anything. Once you know what you're doing and why you're doing it, the rest follows as a matter of course.

Understand The Objective

One of the biggest errors people make online is that they fail to understand the purpose of the Internet. They see a website as a bulletin board, merely a place to post information for people. This is wrong. The smartest websters understand that a website provides an opportunity to capture prospect e-mail information and through the deft use of this information to inspire, motivate and excite the prospect about the value of what you have to offer. In other words, they see a website not as a bulletin board but rather as a means of capturing vital prospect data which, properly used, leads not to just one but to ongoing customer sales.

Thus, the key objective of the website is to get visitors to give you name, address, phone number, and, above all else, E-MAIL ADDRESS so that you have the means available to follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Follow-up, you see, is the essence of successful marketing.

Make Achieving The Objective Easy And Valuable To The Visitor

Take a look at your website. Do you try to capture prospect e-mail and other follow-up information? If so, how... and where have you placed your capture message/form?

Once you understand what the key objective is for a website, it becomes easier for you to achieve it. Since capturing visitor follow-up information is vital for the success of your website and overall marketing, that task must be completed as early as possible by the visitor... which means utilizing important space at the very top of your website to achieve the objective. This means offering prospects some enticing benefit if they'll give you the information you must have. We encourage people who purchase Worldprofit Show Homes, for instance, to provide a free ad package to everyone visiting their website who subscribes to their list/s. When you own a Show Home this is easy to do... and can be done FREE, thereby yielding vital follow-up information for owners without costing them a penny. This is smart marketing indeed. (For details on the Worldprofit Show Home CLICK HERE, then click on the Domain Hosting tab at the top.)

In short, you might prominently post this message: "Get a FREE $150 advertising package to promote your product or service online as our gift to you for subscribing to our weekly online newsletter!" Now you're doing what's necessary to capture all the follow-up information of the visitors being generated by the Guaranteed Visitor Program. Smart.

Less Is More

We all know fewer people these days take the time to really READ anything. This makes marketing -- which is obviously carried on by words -- a continuing challenge. Solving this problem means delivering the whollop of a client-centered message in fewer and fewer words assisted by high-impact graphics and design. Thus "less is more" marketing.

As soon as you understand that the bulk of people visiting your website will not take the trouble to read, much less understand, every word you've posted, you can focus on delivering just the words -- the vital, motivating words -- which are necessary to ensure both the capture of prospect information and the success of your website.

Say you're selling travel. On your home page, you should

1) first capture the visitor's e-mail and other follow-up information. This will enable you to easily follow-up as travel bargains and information becomes available.

2) discover just what the prospect is interested in. Instead of posting a ton of travel details in small print, ask the visitor to select from among just five big travel areas:

Click here for

-- family travel
-- cheap travel bargains
-- cruises
-- our 10 most popular travel destinations
-- inexpensive week-end "get away" packages.

Notice that you are not actually mentioning any specific traffic destinations. What you're doing on this main page is 1) capturing prospect e-mail and other follow-up information and 2) getting visitors to self-select what they're interested in.

Say that the visitor clicks on "cruises". The first thing visitors are going to see at the top of the cruise page is -- an opportunity to subscribe to your list, either to get information that's solely about cruises... or e-mail which contains cruise details along with other travel information. In short, the exercise is always the same: capture visitor follow-up information... THEN deliver specific information.

You see, far too many people still think of the Internet as a passive marketing locale, an area where you simply "post it and they will buy." This, of course, is nonsense. Some (few) sales may well result that way, but not nearly enough to sustain a business, much less make it profitable. For that, you must market. And to market you must have and use the vital follow-up information which can only be provided by the visitors themselves. Your job, using the illustration above, is to find out just what kind of travel information your visitor wants, and then, using the technology which is available through follow-up tools like the Worldprofit Sales Manager (see Traffic Center, and click on The Sales Manager) to bring that information to the prospects over and over and over again until they either buy -- or tell you to stop sending it.

Your job is to get the people to your website, make clear client-centered offers, emphasized by a few, but high-impact graphics, to capture visitor follow-up information, and then follow-up until you make the sale... or are told to get lost!

Last Words

The sad truth is that many people on the Internet still don't have a grasp of what the Internet is, its importance, or how it works to deliver profit. In truth, the Internet is the most important people delivery system ever invented. It can deliver an unending stream of people to your website (thanks to the Guaranteed Visitor Program) and should be arranged to sort these people, capturing the ones most interested in what you're selling and enabling you to follow up unrelentingly -- all for minimal cost and maximum profit.

Guaranteed Visitors are an essential element of this process, because Guaranteed Visitors ensure that you'll get the people to your site you must have to profit. Without Guaranteed Visitors you spend too much time and other resources trying to get traffic to your website. However, when you've got Guaranteed Visitors you can focus on MARKETING, not traffic-generation. And only MARKETING makes you money online, or anywhere else.


To get your Guaranteed Visitors now, go to CLICK HERE FOR GUARANTEED VISITORS, then click on "GET 15,000 VISITORS TO YOU WEBSITE NOW! FIND OUT HOW!".

About The Author

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, the internationally known marketer, is Co-Founder of Worldprofit at, profitably online since 1994. To see Dr. Lant's Sure-Fire Business Success Catalog online, go to For details on his quarterly 100,000 circulation "Sales & Marketing Success" card deck, go to To attend the next Worldprofit "Making REAL Money On The Net" Conference, go to Click on CONFERENCES.

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